Introducing the SYNRGY LoL Academy Program!

Wed 18th Mar 2015 - 2:27am : Gaming

We’re very happy to officially announce the SYNRGY League of Legends Academy program. The League of Legends Academy program was designed for a multitude of reasons. At its core, the goal is to give back to the community and develop new talent. The creator, our own Nick “Ashes” Ridgeway, was merely a Gold Ranked player when he and his team qualified for the LCS qualifiers at the end of Season 2.

He firmly believed that your Solo Queue rank did not decide your ability to play the game on a competitive level. This program was created to give the opportunity to any player with a minimum rank of Gold to apply and tryout for this team. The seven selected players (five main starters and one sub) were then brought together as a team and provided the professional support and staff of a standard Challenger level team.

These seven players completed a lengthy application, competed against fellow tryouts in a system of in-house Scrimmages, and then pass an individual interview process. These stages were used to find the best seven players based on their dedication, willingness to learn and practice, and positive attitudes!

The seven players that were selected are as follows:

Top Lane: Roman “HGB” Weingartner

Jungle: Ben “Panda” Price

Mid Lane: Liam “Spooky” Dyer

AD Carry: James “Makou” Bae

Support: Damon “Kaiusive” Stortzum

Substitute: Deana “Deanousaurus” Koehler

Substitute: Ervin “Mom” Walker

The players have just reached the end of their fourth week together as a team and have reached the team rank of Diamond 3! We are very proud of the improvement and success of these players and are excited to see how far they can go! For more info on the players, please see the League of Legends Academy Team Page. Make sure to follow @SYNRGYGaming for updates on the Academy program and everything else SYNRGY!




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