Synrgy Gaming adds World of Tanks team!

Thu 18th Jun 2015 - 10:53pm : Gaming

Please welcome Simple Tankers to the Synrgy Gaming family. We are very excited to expand into the World of Tanks arena. and the people behind WGLNA have done a fabolous job with this series and we are happy to have signed one of the long standing and competitive teams in Simple Tankers. Simple Tankers have been in the WGLNA since Season 1 and have been one of the top contenders ever since. World of Tanks has proven itself to be one of the top communities in the eSports scene with its great production and fan base. It was an easy decision to want to expand to this great community and be able to pickup one of the best teams in the league. We are anxious to get Season 6 started and see what this season holds for everyone! Below you can find the current roster for Synrgy and a few quotes from the captain and players.


Joel "Jsmooth" Everett Captain of Synrgy.WoT had this to say about joining:

"Simple Tankers is really excited to branch out after 5 seasons in the gold league to join Synrgy gaming. We hope to bring Synrgy gamings brand to the great community of World of Tanks. We are excited to get season 6 started with a new sponsor and new players."

Karl "vode" Heinlein Player of Synrgy.WoT also had this to say:

"this is a big step forwards for us. we are one of the oldest teams in the league, and with this new partnership a lot of new doors are opening for us. the future is looking brighter than ever!

Scott 'youngguns' Jorgensen' Co-Owner of Synrgy Gaming and Professional UFC Fighter had this to say:

"Couldn't be more excited to expand into World of Tanks. With Wargaming having dealt with a few UFC fighters before, seemed natural to want to pickup a top WoT team. We expect big things to come from a team who knows how to compete in the WGLNA and get to the podium at the end of the season. Can't wait to see what put's together this season! Welcome guys!"



The team has been on the podium 2 of the 5 seasons and only one of three teams to have been in WGLNA Gold all 5 seasons.


 Joel 'jsmooth' Everett

 Karl 'vode' Heinlein

 Joshua 'Unknown0ne' Neuenhoff

 Adam 'phlak_' Milroy

 Timothy 'Executis' Benjamin

 Darryn 'Zakume' Chanicka

 Robert 'RuthvenCarlisle' Grant

 Bradley 'Pubwhisperer' Terpening

 Alex 'stnyrprde' Lee


Please follow us @synrgygaming and follow @WGLNA for all the action this season





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