TopicHardening PUR Glue soften upon heating

  • Wed 29th Mar 2017 - 10:50am


    Most physically hardening PUR Glue soften upon heating and they wet substrates that come in contact with them, but solidify when cooling. Other physically hardening industrial adhesives like plastisol are widely used in the automotive industry.

    Chemically hardening industrial adhesives require some sort of chemical reaction to facilitate bonding. They can be classified into single and two-component adhesives. They also differ in their curing process, including resins that harden through heat, moisture, or radiation cure.

    Others are anaerobic, while others like urethane, epoxies, and silicone adhesives require a two-component design to facilitate adhesion. These adhesives are commonly used in the automotive, microelectronics, optics, and medical industries.

    This basic guide on how to frost glass with adhesive free film will assist you with decorating your windows and glass doors. By using this method of window or door covering, you can change the view of your windows from inside and outside with beautiful white or color tinted designs. The designs you choose can provide you with privacy whilst filling your room with sunlight.

    This is a very easy, economical way of decorating. It is a wonderful way to gain privacy as well as create a focal point in your office decor when you cover any plain windows or hot joya doors. It will diffuse glare and soften the harsh rays of the sun.


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